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Welcome! Dr. Qian Li delivered a presentation on OCES Departmental Seminar

On 29 November, Dr. Qian Li from Shanghai Jiao Tong University delivered a presentation titled 'Relative importance and competitive advantages of mixotrophs vs. autotrophic and heterotrophic protists in various ocean environments'.

Dr. Qian Li earned her PhD degree in Marine Science from Xiamen University (China) in 2015, received postdoctoral training from University of Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and University of Hawai'i (USA) between 2016-2020. She joint Shanghai Jiao Tong University (China) in early 2021, as a tenure track associate professor. Her research aims to understand how abiotic and biotic factors shape and interact with single cellular protistan community in the ocean, with particular interest in the ecophysiology of mixotrophic phytoplankton, as well as their role in mediating carbon flow in the food web and carbon sequestration in the ocean.

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