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Available Positions

If you are interested in joining the Plankton Lab family, feel free to contact us and find a suitable position for you! Note that all positions are subject to change and availability, which we will inform you upon successful contact.

MPhil, Ph.D., and Post-Doctoral Positions Available

Academic Qualification Requirements:

  • Applicants should have background knowledge in at least one of the following areas: marine microbiology, ecology, ecological modeling, and bioinformatics.

  • MPhil and Ph.D. applicants should have some research experience and ideally at least one publication in the relevant area.

  • Post-Doctoral applicants should have at least three publications in the relevant area and are capable to handle projects independently.

  • MPhil and Ph.D. applicants should fulfill the general requirements of our department:


Current projects in our lab:

1. Plankton thermal response

  • Quantifying the thermal responses of plankton to the projected ocean warming is vital to predicting the effect of climate change on marine ecosystem functioning. Targeting this topic, our lab offers an excellent opportunity to engage in an exciting Ph.D. project that combines plankton physiology, classic dilution methods, and metabolic theory of ecology in the context of a dynamic, international and enthusiastic working environment, with state-of-the-art equipment and exposure to national and international scientific collaborations.

2. Plankton community long-term dynamics

  • “As there are good and bad wine and fruit years, so there are rich and barren plankton years” (Haeckel, 1891). The temporal dynamic of plankton communities was realized by scientists more than one century ago, but its driving mechanisms are still unclear. Here we offer a research opportunity to comprehensively study this topic by using long-term weekly and monthly sample datasets, with a focus on community diversity, trophic interaction, and ecological processes under the complex coastal environment.



Fellowships and Salaries:

  • MPhil and Ph.D.: HK$216,360 per year.

  • Excellent applicants can apply for Hong Kong Ph.D. Fellowship (highly competitive) with HK$325,200 (~US$41,700) per year (Details please refer to

  • Postdoc: Pay will be based on the experience and capabilities of each applicant. Terms and conditions are flexible.

Please send your full CV to and

We will carry out a zoom interview with each qualified applicant after evaluations.


Research Assistant Job Position

Position: Research Assistant for Government-funded Project

Summary: Research Assistant to work on a government-funded project on water quality monitoring of Hong Kong’s marine fish farming sites.

Time of application: Open all year round

Employee Duties:

  • Sampling Protocol Execution

  • Laboratory Analysis

  • Data Management & Handling


Application Requirments:


Although not necessary, a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in Biology, Marine Science, Environmental Science, or related fields. Prioritization of those with field experience.

Salary & Pay: 


Pay will be based on the individual experience and capabilities of each applicant. Terms and conditions are flexible.


Interested applicants can send an email to Prof. Hongbin Liu at for more information.

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