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Blue Carbon ASI 2.0

Updated: May 12

Supported by the Croucher Foundation.

Date: 13th-14th May 2024 (2 Days)

Venue: Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

Target groups: Lead Researchers, University Faculty, & Post Graduate Students.

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Keynote speakers:

  • Faming Wang, South China Botanical Garden, CAS, China

  • Luzhen Chen, Xiamen University, China

  • Zhaohui Aleck Wang, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, USA

  • Tim Jennerjahn, Leibniz Centre for Tropical Marine Research, Germany

  • Christian Sanders, Southern Cross University, Australia

  • Masahiro Nakaoka, Hokkaido University, Japan

  • Koji Suzuki, Hokkaido University, Japan

(Order from left to right)


Promoting blue carbon as an ecosystem service and nature-based solution for mitigating climate change, the Advanced Study Institute on Coastal Blue Carbon will convene experts and practitioners to share newest research advances, highlight gaps in knowledge and management, and build partnerships on blue carbon research and conservation.

The 2-day session will be pivotal in sharing regional and global information and state-of-the-art research efforts on blue carbon resources. It will include presentations from blue carbon experts, panel discussions and an open forum, which are expected to contribute towards enriching national and regional knowledge and skills on coastal blue carbon, promoting more concrete plans and policies to include blue carbon in national and regional carbon inventories.

All local, mainland and overseas researchers and graduate students are welcome to attend. There is no registration fee to attend the ASI, but you need to cover your own travel and accommodation. A room in the Conference Lodge located in HKUST campus costs about 1000 HK dollars per night. Please register here.

Main blue carbon ecosystems such as tidal marshes, mangroves, and seagrasses.

The mechanisms and carbon storage timescales of Biological Carbon Pump

Gattuso, Jean-Pierre, et al. European Marine Board, 2023

Spatial scaling of blue carbon in coastal ecosystems

NOAA graphic adapted from original by Sarah Battle

Recalling the Blue Carbon ASI 1.0 in 2023

For more information about the ASI Congress in 2023:

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