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Seagrass Sampling

On March 10th 2023, we conducted the second seagrass sampling during dry season near San Tau Pier on Lantau Island. Jiawei, Scott, Xiao, Anirban and Zhimeng performed the sampling.

Different sites were selected for sample collection from the seagrass meadow. Seagrass sampling was carried out when the seagrass meadow was exposed by low tide. These samples include the above-ground seagrass leaves, as well as below-ground cores (composed by sediments, seagrass roots and rhizomes). Seagrass individuals were divided into multiple compartments in the lab for further microbial community analysis using culture-dependent and independent methods.

In addition, the collected cores and water samples from the seagrass meadow will be used for the study of biogeochemical processes. Environmental factors, such as pH, DO, salinity and temperature, were measured in the field.

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