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Our Research Focus


We study the biodiversity and biogeography of microorganisms, with a focus on picocyanobacteria and picoeukaryotes!


Specific research topics include:


  • Microbial food web dynamics and trophic interactions in eutrophic and oligotrophic waters.

  • Microbial metabolic pathways that are critical to the biogeochemical cycling of carbon, nitrogen, and other elements in the ocean, such as production, respiration, and nitrogen fixation.

  • Effect of climate change and other anthropogenic stressors, such as hypoxia, acidification, and pollutant input on the metabolism of plankton communities.

  • Microbial ecology in cold seep ecosystems.


Professor LIU Hongbin


1983 B.S. Shandong College of Oceanology, China (Marine Biology)

1994 M.S. University of Hawaii at Manoa (Oceanography)

1997 Ph.D. University of Hawaii (Oceanography)

Current Position

Chair Professor 

Department of Ocean Sciences and Division of Life Sciences

School of Science

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology


E-mail address:


Full Curricular Vitae


Meet the Team!

Latest Publications

Genomic Insights into Niche Partitioning across Sediment Depth among Anaerobic Methane-Oxidizing Archaea in Global Methane Seeps

Chen, J., Li, Y., Zhong C., Xu, Z., Lu, G., Jing, H., & Liu, H. (2023).  mSystems.


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