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The 2nd International Conference of BECoME

The 2nd International Conference of Biodiversity, Ecology and Conservation of Marine Ecosystems (BECoME) was held at the City University of Hong Kong during 3-7 January 2021. Five of our lab members attended the meeting and gave presentations.

Professor Liu gave an invited talk with the title "Effects of Warming on Marine Plankton."

Yingdong Li ("An Overlooked Evolutionary Transitions of Thaumarchaeota from Terrestrial Habitats to Methane Seep in Deep Sea and Partially Methane Seep Derived Shallow Water Group"), Zhimeng Xu ("High dispersal and heterogeneous selection make cold seep as hotspots for microeukaryotic diversity") and Jiawei Chen ("A genomic perspective of the niche partitioning across sediment depth among ANME in global methane seeps") made oral representations.

Xiaodong Zhang presented a poster ("Highly diverse Synechococcus pigment types in the eastern Indian Ocean").

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